Avery 700 High Performance Gloss 1220mm (48") Vinyl

Avery 700 High Performance Gloss 1220mm (48'') Vinyl
Colour: BLACK 701Colour: WHITE 700Colour: PRIMROSE YELLOW 707Colour: BRIGHT YELLOW 739Colour: BANANA YELLOW 739-01Colour: SUNFLOWER YELLOW 706
Colour: SUN YELLOW 706-01Colour: ORANGE YELLOW 760Colour: SIGNAL YELLOW 704Colour: GOLD YELLOW 710Colour: SAFFRON 764Colour: LIGHT ORANGE 722
Colour: ORANGE 705Colour: BRIGHT ORANGE 738Colour: DEEP RED 743Colour: TOMATO RED 748Colour: MEDIUM RED 726Colour: BRIGHT RED737
Colour: PLUM RED 749-02Colour: CARDINAL RED 749Colour: BLOOD RED 765Colour: REGAL RED 763Colour: LIPSTICK RED 771Colour: CHERRY RED 703
Colour: CRIMSON RED 749-01Colour: APPLE RED 750Colour: STRAWBERRY RED 750-01Colour: RED 770Colour: DARK RED 767Colour: WINE RED 778
Colour: PURPLE RED 780Colour: BURGUNDY RED 702Colour: PINK 716Colour: CYCLAMEN 715Colour: TELEMAGENTA 773Colour: LAVENDER 775
Colour: VIOLET 717Colour: PURPLE 777Colour: LIGHT BLUE 732Colour: SKY BLUE 784Colour: PASTLE BLUE 782Colour: EURO BLUE 709-01
Colour: OCEAN BLUE 709Colour: AZURE BLUE 751Colour: SCUBA BLUE 741Colour: MIDNIGHT BLUE 792Colour: MARINE BLUE 747Colour: INK BLUE 789
Colour: DEEP BLUE 791Colour: DARK BLUE 723Colour: SCANDINIA BLUE 783Colour: COSMOS BLUE 708Colour: ULTRAMARINE BLUE 752Colour: BLUE 733
Colour: DELFT BLUE 795Colour: BRILLIANT BLUE 753Colour: CLASSIC BLUE 793Colour: MIDDLE BLUE 794Colour: KING BLUE 785Colour: ROYAL BLUE 754
Colour: COBALT BLUE 724Colour: ALFA BLUE 724-01Colour: BLACK BLUE 788Colour: TEAL 742Colour: TURQUOISE 731Colour: PETROL 798
Colour: FOREST GREEN 711Colour: OLIVE GREEN 757Colour: EMERALD 781Colour: KELLY GREEN 734Colour: GREEN 756Colour: LIGHT GREEN 755
Colour: GRASS GREEN 713Colour: LIME TREE GREEN 714-01Colour: LIME 714Colour: GREEN YELLOW 714-02Colour: MIST 745Colour: PALE GREY 745-01
Colour: DOVE GREY 744Colour: MEDIUM GREY 725Colour: TELE GREY 744-01Colour: GREY 720Colour: DARK GREY 759Colour: TRAFFIC GREY 759-02
Colour: KOMATSU GREY 759-01Colour: SILVER METALLIC 735Colour: GREY METALLIC 746Colour: GOLD METALLIC 736Colour: COPPER METALLIC 736-01Colour: LIGHT IVORY 758-01
Colour: IVORY 758Colour: BEIGE 719Colour: CHOCOLATE 718Colour: DARK BROWN 762








Avery 700 Premium Film provides excellent sign-making for indoor and outdoor applications that require a longer term use, on both flat and simple curved substrates. These films are available in a very extensive range of 100 colours. Prices shown are per metre and sold in 5 metre increments

Industry Standard For Fleet Vehicles

Black And White Exterior Life 8 Years

Colours Exterior Life 7 Years

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Avery 700 Vinyl Colour ChartAvery 700 Vinyl Colour Chart