Oracal 970RA Vehicle Wrap

Oracal 970RA Vehicle Wrap
Colour: Black Satin 970-070Colour: White Satin 970-010Colour: Saffron Yellow Satin 970-223Colour: Nato Olive satin 970-285Colour: Mint Satin 970-055Colour: Silver Grey Satin 970-090
Colour: Graphite Metallic Satin 970-932Colour: Charcoal Metallic Satin 970-937Colour: Anthracite Metallic Satin 970-093Colour: Gold Satin 970-091Colour: Pyrite Satin 970-926Colour: Red Gold Metallic Satin 970-944
Colour: Copper Satin 970-092Colour: Bronze Satin 970-920Colour: Imperial Red Pearl Satin 970-372Colour: Dark Red Metallic Satin 970-368Colour: Red Brown Metallic Satin 970-369Colour: Violet Metallic Satin 970-406
Colour: Azure Metallic Satin 970-197Colour: Night Blue Metallic Satin 970-196Colour: Moonlight Metallic Satin 970-190Colour: Black Super Matt 970-171Colour: Turquoise Lavender Satin 970-989Colour: Ultramarine Violet Satin 970-319
Colour: Green Blue Satin 970-988Colour: Avocado Satin 970-317Colour: Aquamarine Satin 970-318Colour: Amethyst Satin 970-316Colour: Cranberry Satin 970-320Colour: Aubergine Bronze Satin 970-990
Colour: Pearl Symphony Satin 970-315Colour: Sunset Shift Satin 970-100Colour: Black Galactic Gold Satin 970-905Colour: Please Select Colour
  • Featuring RapidAir Technology with grey, solvent polyacrylate, repositionable, permanent adhesive.
  • 4-mil, premium wrapping cast PVC film with a built-in protective clear coat layer.
  • Specially developed for long-term, complete wraps of fleet and motorsport vehicles in solid, opaque colors. This is our best long life wrap up to 12 years durability.
  • Conforms over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations. Does not require an overlaminate.
  • PE-coated silicone paper featuring advanced air release technology to facilitate quicker, easier application.
  • Sold by the meter 1520mm Wide In One Length
  • Full colour range available to order
  • 1520mm Wide Sold By The Metre In One Continuous Length

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