Avery Supreme Pearl White Wrap

Avery Supreme Pearl White Wrap

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film combines performance, versatility and convenience. This dual-layer cast air free  film combines colour and clear protective layers, providing a smooth durable paint-like finish.  

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For a wrapping film that combines supreme performance and application speed, look no further than Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film. This dual-layer film combines colour, texture, and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like finish that's both durable and dazzling.

With a choice of many colours, Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Film today offers an even broader palette of options than ever before. And... our colour matching service brings you virtually any colour you like!




  • Outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Provides coloured and/or textured film and protective layer in a one-piece laminate
  • Available with Avery Dennison® Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology
  • Available in extra-wide             1.52M x 25M roll size
  • Excellent long-term         removability
  • Faster installation, higher-quality results, thanks to Avery Dennison® Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology
  • Extensive colour range with many colour options
  • Colour matching service to match virtually any colour
    you like within a few days –
    minimum order quantity 10 rolls
  • Cover large panels with just one piece of material –
    fewer seams
  • Personalise and refresh your car’s appearance with a
    cool new fashion look and/or texture
  • Brand your company’s fleet with your company colour
  • Improve the life and resale value of your vehicle by protecting the original paintwo

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