Chrome / Metallic

Metallized special effects films have always been popular for decorating racecars, billboards, and short-term promotional signage. The distinctive look of these eye-catching films adds value to their designs, so their signs will command higher selling prices and profits!

Vinylefx® colors are through-and-through the vinyl — NOT laminated or top coated. Unlike cold-embossed polyesters, our fade-resistant films are hot-embossed, which produces deeper, better defined paterns.

RTape Vinylefx® Decorative Series is exceptionally suited for general purpose signage applications and a cut above other "special effects" films thanks to a proprietary deep-embossing technology that provides a crisper three-dimensional appearance to each pattern. Because the Vinylefx® Decorative Series is vinyl, not polyester, they require no top coating prior to printing! They print, cut, weed and handle just like intermediate vinyl!

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Mirror Chrome Vinyls

Mirror Chrome Vinyls£7.25   £5.99


Holographics£7.25   £5.99

EFX Metal Flake

EFX Metal Flake£7.25   £5.99