Star-Bright Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Star-Bright Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Star-Brite® Class B – Photoluminescent Glow Film 

Self Adhesive High Tack Adhesive 1000mm Wide

Produce safety signage clearer, stronger and brighter and you make your environment safer. Make it quick-drying and easier to print and you make production faster and more flexible. Discover the Star-Bright photoluminescent film that does both.

Star-Brite®  photoluminescent film – ideal for:

Safety signage in building, marine, rail and military environments.

Star-Brite® has been specifically designed for:

  • Higher levels of luminance
  • Interior and exterior performance
  • Satin/matt HD finish
  • HD sharpness: Razor-sharp edge definition and rich, consistent colour density. So your safety signage remains clear, strong and unambiguous.
  • Brighter in blackout: The latest photoluminescent pigments that produce a brighter afterglow in blackout conditions and charge faster in the light.
  • Easy printing: Solvent. Eco-solvent. UV. Whatever inks you choose, and however you print them, Exceptional ink adhesion means edges are crisper and colours sharper. Excellent layflat characteristics make working with Star-Brite® EASY.

Quick drying: Faster drying improves production rates and efficiency.

Performance: Even in harsh exterior environments, the UV stable pigment and superior ink adhesion ensure your signs retain their integrity and durability.


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