Application Tape Guide

You will require application tape to transfer your weeded graphics from the paper backing sheet onto the surface where you want to apply your graphics.

Should I use Paper or Clear Application Tape ?

There are two types of application tape.Paper Tape looks like a thin masking tape and goes translucent when used in a wet application. Clear tape is transparent. If you are starting out in sign making consider a clear tape as you will find it easier initially as you can see what you are doing as the tape is transparent.

Application tapes come in three tacks. The tack is the stickiness of the adhesive on the back of the tape. There are also different qualities of paper which determines how the application tape behaves eg. whether it will curl if you store a graphic that has tape applied to it.

This product is used with low tack stencil / sandblasting films or for application to delicate surfaces eg. painted plasterboard walls to avoid pulling off any paint
 A good all round product that you can use for standard vinyl application to windows, walls,sign boards and vehicles.
To be used when you are producing small graphics. Also good for marine and external  applications along with wall art to a sound surface.