Colour: Please Select ColourColour: ColourColour: Super White HX20001BColour: Glacier White HX20003BColour: Lapland White HX20002BColour: Deep Black HX20890B
Colour: Taxi Beige HX20BTXBColour: Ivory HX20468BColour: Lemon Yellow HX20108BColour: Sun Yellow HX20109BColour: Daffodil Yellow HX20123BColour: Honey Yellow HX20JMIB
Colour: Urban Orange HX20495BColour: Mandarin Orange HX20165BColour: Red Embers HX20485BColour: Hot Rod Red HX20R05BColour: Ruby Red HX20186BColour: Blood Red HX20200B
Colour: Pink Candy HX20PCABColour: Fuchsia HX20220BColour: Plum Violet HX20008BColour: Cadburys Purple HX20527BColour: Lakeview Blue HX20298BColour: Montpellier Blue HX20299B
Colour: Curaçao Blue HX20293BColour: Sapphire Blue HX20300BColour: Pacific Blue HX20280BColour: Night Blue HX20281BColour: Tiffany Blue  HX20BTIBColour: Pigeon Blue HX20315B
Colour: Abyssal Blue HX20532BColour: Light Green HX20375BColour: Apple Green HX20369BColour: Gold HX20871BColour: Silver HX20877BColour: Cloud Grey HX20428B
Colour: Pearl Grey HX20445BColour: Elephant grey HX20446BColour: Brown HX20476BColour: Coffee Brown HX20MCABColour: MetallicColour: Ashen Beige Metallic HX20BCMB
Colour: Metallic Yellow HX20558BColour: Manga Purple HX20518BColour: Elderberry Purple HX20352BColour: Night Blue Metallic HX20905BColour: Firmament Blue HX20033BColour: Voltaic Green HX20V11B
Colour: Meteorite Sliver HX20990BColour: Bronze Grey HX20948BColour: Shark Grey HX20423BColour: Marrakesh Brown HX20MMABColour: Vampire Black HX20N03BColour: Sparkle
Colour: Sparkle White HX20BLPBColour: Apollo Blue HX20P004BColour: Triton Blue HX20P005BColour: Ebony Sparkle Black HX20NEPBColour: GlitterColour: Saturn White Glitter HX20BSAB
Colour: Zeus Gold HX20P001BColour: Aurora Orange HX20OAUBColour: Garnet Red HX20RGRBColour: Jellybean Pink HX20RDRBColour: Indian Pink HX20RINBColour: Byzantine Violet HX20VBYB
Colour: Fjord Blue HX20BFJBColour: Catechu Black HX20NCAB




Hexis HX20000 coloured double cast film is the ultimate long life, highly conformable cast wrapping film for full and partial vehicle wraps. This multi-layered cast film has a ceramic smooth, high gloss finish and contains premium grade long life automotive pigments for a more durable life, long lasting, vibrant colour. The HEX’Press solvent acrylic adhesive technology enables the applicator to apply the film in a quick, efficient, bubble and crease free finish.
Air release liner with repositionable adhesive

Durability - Maximum 10 years
Face Film - 80-100µm cast PVC
Adhesive - HEX’Press clear solvent acrylic

1520mm Wide Sold By The Metre In One Continuous Length

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