Hexis Intermediate 610mm (24") Gloss Vinyl

Hexis Intermediate 610mm (24'') Gloss Vinyl
Colour: Black E3889BColour: White E3829BColour: Light Yellow E3116BColour: Intense Yellow E3110BColour: Gold Yellow E3123BColour: Orange E3151B
Colour: Sunrise E3179BColour: Fire E3485BColour: Lipstick E3186BColour: Burgundy E3505BColour: Cyclamen E3220BColour: Purple E3527B
Colour: Darkl Blue E33281BColour: Permanent Blue E3294BColour: Sapphire Blue E3280BColour: Mediterranean Blue E3286BColour: Electric Blue E3ELEBColour: Traffic Blue E3293B
Colour: Continental Blue E3300BColour: Process Blue E3PROBColour: Olympic Blue E3298BColour: Ice Blue E3297BColour: Turquoise E3320BColour: Bottle Green E3357B
Colour: Racing Green E3336BColour: Kelly Green E3340BColour: Emerald Green E3348BColour: Bright Green E3362BColour: Lime Green E3376Colour: Almond Green E3361B
Colour: Grey E3430BColour: Dark Grey E3444BColour: Cream E3155BColour: Brown E3476BColour: Silver E3887BColour: Gold  E3871B
Colour: Charcoal Metalic E3433BColour: Default Black

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Brand:  Hexis



Monomeric PVC film

This 80 micron self-adhesive PVC film is remarkably easy to cut and weed, even for very small letterings.

It is intended for indoor and outdoor markings, on flat and smooth surfaces such as panels, windows and stands.

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