Avery Surface Cleaner

Avery Surface Cleaner

Avery Surface Cleaner conbines the qualities of a detergent with a solvent in the one clear fluid,to facilitate removal of dirt, fluff and other waste, light silicone adhesive, and other contaminants from the surface to which decals and wrap are to be applied

                         1000ml 1 Litre Bottle From £9.75

Contains no solvents, so is not only more enviromentally freindly than solvent based cleaning poroducts, but also kinder to the substrate. At the same time, it provides powerfull cleaning and degreasing of most everyday application substrates. Specified and tested by application professionals.

Avery surface Cleaner is simply sprayed on to the substrate, left for a few seconds, then removed with the use of a soft cloth

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