Avery 700 High Performance Gloss 610mm (24") Vinyl

Avery 700 High Performance Gloss 610mm (24'') Vinyl
Colour: Black 701Colour: White 700Colour: Primrose Yellow 707Colour: Bright Yellow 739Colour: Banana Yellow 739-01Colour: Sunflower Yellow 706
Colour: Sun Yellow 706-01Colour: Orange Yellow 760Colour: Signal Yellow 704Colour: Gold Yellow 710Colour: Saffron 764Colour: Light Orange 722
Colour: Orange 705Colour: Bright Orange 738Colour: Deep Red 743Colour: Tomato Red 748Colour: Medium Red 726Colour: Bright Red 737
Colour: Plum Red 749-02Colour: Cardinal Red 749Colour: Spicy Red 765-01Colour: Blood Red 765Colour: Regal Red 763Colour: Lipstick Red 771
Colour: Cherry Red 703Colour: Crimson Red 749-01Colour: Apple Red 750Colour: Strawberry Red 750-01Colour: Red 770Colour: Dark Red 767
Colour: Wine Red 778Colour: Purple Red 780Colour: Burgundy Red 702Colour: Pink 716Colour: Cyclamen 715Colour: Telemagenta 773
Colour: Lavander 775Colour: Violet 717Colour: Purple 777Colour: Light Blue 732Colour: Sky Blue 784Colour: Pastle Blue 782
Colour: Euro Blue 709-01Colour: Ocean Blue 709Colour: Azure Blue 751Colour: Scuba Blue 741Colour: Cosmos Blue 708Colour: Ultramarine Blue 752
Colour: Blue 733Colour: Delft Blue 795Colour: Brilliant Blue 753Colour: Classic Blue 793Colour: Middle Blue 794Colour: King Blue 785
Colour: Royal Blue 754Colour: Berry Blue 792-01Colour: Midnight Blue 792Colour: Marine Blue 747Colour: Ink Blue 789Colour: Deep Blue 791
Colour: Dark Blue 723Colour: Scandinia Blue 783Colour: Colbat Blue 724Colour: Alfa Blue 724-01Colour: Black Blue 788Colour: Teal 742
Colour: Turquoise 731Colour: Petrol 798Colour: Forest Green 711Colour: Olive Green 757Colour: Emerald 781Colour: Kelly Green 734
Colour: Green 756Colour: Light Green 755Colour: Grass Green 713Colour: Lime Tree Green 714-01Colour: Lime 714Colour: Green Yellow 714-02
Colour: Mist 745Colour: Pale Grey 745-01Colour: Dove Grey 744Colour: Medium Grey 725Colour: Tele Grey 744-01Colour: Grey 720
Colour: Dark Grey 759Colour: Traffic Grey 759-02Colour: Komatsu Grey 759-01Colour: Grey Metallic 746Colour: Silver Metallic 735Colour: Silver 735-01
Colour: Gold Metallic 736Colour: Copper Metallic 736-01Colour: Light Ivory 758-01Colour: Ivory 758Colour: Beige 719Colour: Chocolate 718
Colour: Dark Brown 762






Avery 700 Premium Film provides excellent sign-making for indoor and outdoor applications that require a longer term use, on both flat and simple curved substrates. These films are available in a very extensive range of 100 colours. Prices shown are per metre and sold in 5 metre increments

Industry Standard For Fleet Vehicles

50m Logs

8 Year Black / White £3.08 per metre

7 Year Colours           £3.23 per metre

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Brand:  Avery

Avery 700 Vinyl Colour ChartAvery 700 Vinyl Colour Chart


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