Decal alldecor 2d P HT 190 plaza stone concrete

Decal alldecor 2d P HT 190 plaza stone concrete
Decorative polypropylene (PP) textured film whose formulation is free of halogen, plasticizers and formaldehyde components, with surface protected against abrasion and scratches by a transparent thermoset varnish and back coated with a primer for easy application. Standard thickness varies between 0.10 mm and 0.20 mm, depending on the application and design. High performance high tack adhesive that gives it excellent cohesion and high adhesiveness and polyethylene (PE) liner that gives it great stability. Ecological product with impressive physical properties, resistant to water, moisture and mold, and with great flexibility.
Thickness -  190 MIC
FILM/SUBSTRATE - Polypropylene (PP) embossing
ADHESIVE TYPE - Clear Acrylic Permanent High Tack
LINER - Double side PE coated fine paper, matte/gloss 143 gr
APPLICATIONS - Can be applied to interior spaces such as ceilings, walls, doors, furniture, caravans, boats and other design elements that have flat surfaces, in a place where customers demand a durable surface with advanced design.

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