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16 September 2004  |  Admin

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1 January 2006  |  Admin
Our Policy
Business Information

We have been making signs and graphics for more than 20 years. We now spend our time finding top class products at the lowest price possible.
 We often find cheaper products but reject the items for their low quality.
Our customers are important to us. We listen to what you say and try to implement your suggestions.
We also believe that between us we have made this site very user friendly by allowing you to sellect all your vinyl colours
before you add them to your cart.

Avery Jac 5 year Vinyl is one of the most versatile vinyl's on the market. For the price you just can't beat it.

 3M Scotchcal in 40 High gloss colours also has a 5 year life span and is removable for up to three years leaving no glue or residue

 All our vinyl's are Supplied on a cardboard core and shipped in a secure  box with next day delivery.

Thanks to all our customers past and present and a big welcome to all new customers for 2012