Chameleon Side Window Tint

Chameleon Side Window Tint with a choice of classy Light Blue/Purple or make an impact with Light Green/Rose Gold and Red Sky. All with a high 82% VLT. This is easy to heat shrink with a nice clear view from the interior. The effect can change depending on lighting, temperature, viewing angle and the visible light transmission of the glass. 


This tint allows light through it (legal limit is 70%). However, please be advised that some vehicles come with slightly tinted windows from factory so please carry out your own checks. (Please note: VLT Levels can vary with different batches) Star Vinyls are not responsible for any legal repercussions for the installation of film if it does not comply with the legal requirements.


Sample Pack Click Here


500mm 20" Wide Sold By The Meter and 30m Rolls


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