VViViD HEX+ Air-tint Light Wrap

VViViD HEX+ Air-tint Light Wrap
 VViViD HEX+ Air-tint Light WrapVViViD HEX+ Air-tint Light Wrap 

HEX+ tint comes with all features of the VVIVID+ air-tints with added flare! A Hexagonal design is embedded into the material during manufacturing ( not printed on surface ). This design offers a subtle effect when breaking.

Enhanced Features include:

1. Thicker, more resistant material ( rock chips, projected heat from headlight ). 

2. Repositionable Ultra-Clear® Adhesive that will allow you to reposition this tint multiple times without risk of glue lines, finger prints, marring and other issues commonly found on headlight tints.

3. An improved vinyl formula developed in Canada to reduce the risk of shrinkage and peeling almost completely.

4. A higher gloss finish and reduction in orange-peel. 

5. More scratch resistance.


  • Features: VVIVID Air Release, Scratch Resistance, Protective Liner
  • Type: Automotive, Architectural, Marketing Applications, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Lifetime: 4-6 years (Based On Vertical Exposure)
  • Finish: Clear Transparent Gloss
  • Adhesive Type: Acrylic-Based, Repositionable Ultra-Clear® adhesive.
  • Thickness: 5 mils
  • Conformability: High
  • Application Method: Dry 
  • 500mm Wide Sold by the metre in one continuous length

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