OLFA Chenille Snitty

OLFA Chenille Snitty
 OLFA Chenille SnittyOLFA Chenille Snitty 
  • High quality double-honed black blade 
  • Four channel guides; 24 blade edges 
  • Easy to use 
  • No exposed blade edge for extra safety 
  • Cuts curved or straight lines 
  • Tool free blade change 

Chenille Cutting Made Easy 

The OLFA CHN-1 Chenille/Textile Cutter is an easy-to-use specialty cutter, perfect for all kinds of projects.The ultimate OLFA chenille cutter can cut through vinyls and PPF. 

Use the ratchet dial to expose a fresh blade edge to continue your project without stopping. This OLFA rotary cutter comes pre-loaded with the CHB blade that has 24 edges.

Replacement 60mm CHB Blade available.

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Brand:  OLFA