OLFA Quick-Change Advanced Rotary Cutter

OLFA Quick-Change Advanced Rotary Cutter
 Product: Quick-Change Advanced Rotary CutterProduct: Replacement Blade RB45-1Product: 10 Pack Replacement Blades RB45-10 

  • Quick, Safe and Powerful 
  • Anti-slip grip 
  • Contoured handle 
  • Integrated finger grooves to reduce slippage. 
  • Designed for right- and left-handed users. 


The OLFA 45mm RTY-2/NS Quick-Change Rotary Cutter perfectly combines powerful cutting with top safety features. The innovative split-blade cover on this OLFA rotary cutter allows only one edge of the cutter to be exposed at a time. Simply slide back the blade cover on the chosen side and begin cutting. The other half of the rotary blade remains guarded for safety. Both blade guards can be opened at the same time for when you need the full blade.   


When a new blade is needed it's a quick two-step process. Simply slide back the blade lock back to release the old blade. Once a new blade is in place slide the blade lock back into place to secure it. No more washers and nuts needed. 

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