Omega Skinz Swatch Book

Omega Skinz Swatch Book
  • The logo on the front is embossed in 3D
  • The colours are divided into three segments, so you can see easily which colours the range contains.
  • Next to the colours, you will find the product numbers and names.
  • The Omega-Skinz book closes on the right side with two magnets.
Since Omega-Skinz oozes quality and does everything differently, we don't have a simple colour fan but a premium colour guidebook that you open, as if you were an interior designer or colour consultant.

The luxury packaging is laminated in matte and comes with a high gloss printed lacquer parts in various places. But of course, the inside is even more beautiful. Success is guaranteed with this luxurious packaging! 

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Brand:  Omega Skinz



Omega Skinz